1 Lesson I Learned While SIMPing


There are many things to learn when transitioning from being a total Betamon SIMP to a red pilled man, and in this video I am going to cover one of the lessons I learned : you cannot convince a woman to like you.

First things first... what is a SIMP?

-Basically a guy that that points too much value on a female for no reason.

-Or a guy that puts himself in a subservient position around women and always caters to her wants and needs.

The main lesson of today's video is to hammer home the point that....

You can NOT convince a woman to like you

Of course of course you have heard that before.  But let's go a little deeper.  The first stage of this would be a guy that literally tries to convince a woman that she should like him.

As in he says stuff like "If I was your man, you'd never be feeling lonely"
"If I was your man, i'd treat you right"
"If I was your man, blah blah blah blah blah"


That is the simple and direct version of a man trying to convince a woman to want him, and it just flat out doesn't work.

Talk is cheap.  And people like and respect things they have to work to attain.  

So a man trying to 'talk' her into liking him is a garbage move.  It won't work and it'll just solidify you as a little Betamon guy she keeps in her back pocket and she will extract whatever she needs from you... and give you nothing more.

Women are Like Quick Sand

Here is a truth about women.... they are like quick sand.  As a man, the MORE you struggle to try to impress a woman.  The MORE attention you give her.  The MORE you will continue to sink beneath her feet.

The MORE you try the WORSE it gets.

I know it is counterintuitive (just like escaping from quick sand)

But it is the truth.

The men that are patient, relaxed, and don't try to CONVINCE a woman to like him, those are the men that women actually start to PURSUE and chase after.

The natural way of things is a woman chasing after a mans affection and love, while that man is chasing after his mission and purpose in life.

As soon as a man starts CHASING a woman, she loses trust and respect for that man because she wants the man that is always on his PURPOSE and mission in life.

How do you show you are a man on your purpose through messaging?

Which is why I created a 12-level system breaking down every aspect of the digital game.  Everything from when you FIRST get a woman's phone number all the way to how to get her EXCITED and EAGER to hangout without flaking... and you learn how to do all of this while spending LESS time on your phone than before so you can focus more of your time on your mission in life.

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