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Your time is valuable. My time is valuable. Because of that, it is critical that we make sure you are open and ready to make changes in your dating life. 

The one thing my strategies require from my students is a commitment to change their old habits. If you are willing to make this change, we will have great success together. 

Absolutely none of the information received from this application will be shared.

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How old are you??

(must be 18 years or older)

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What do you think are some of the problem(s) that have been holding you back in your dating life?

Question 3 of 6

At what stage in the relationship do things usually start to go bad?

(Select all that apply)

I can't even find/meet women


I don't match with any attractive women while online dating


I meet women but I struggle getting their phone numbers


I get women's phone numbers but I don't know how to ask them out/get them on a date


I go on 1 or 2 dates with women but then they never call or text me


I go on plenty of dates with women but I can never get them into a serious relationship


I've had serious relationship(s) but I mess them up


I get super close to women but they never like me sexually (friend zone)

Question 4 of 6

What would you like to spend your sessions working on?

Question 5 of 6

What would your ideal dating life look like?

Question 6 of 6

In a few words, what is your biggest passion in life? 

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