This site is 100% about YOU and how to make your life better

Has the dating 'game' ever frustrated you to the point where you felt like just giving up?

I understand how you feel!


I created this site to help men:

    (by understanding HOW to communicate with women over texting in a completely different way than she has ever experienced)
    (by understanding WHAT women are attracted to and how to build those qualities into your life)
    (by giving her an experience no other man can give her) 


I know how much it sucks to be confused about dating

  • I used to be constantly in the 'Friend Zone' for being too much of a 'nice guy' 
  • I spent over 10 years learning how to understand women, dating, and relationships.
  • My life has transformed into something far better than I ever imagined


YOU can transform your life!

How do I know that?  

Because I transformed mine... and I am no better than you.

If I can do it, YOU can do it.

Oh and I can give you all of the shortcuts so you avoid all the failures and rejections that I went through ;)

From public school teacher to TextingPrince - I am trained and ready to help YOU gain more confidence, get more dates, and have a HAPPY relationship.


Email me your story/situation at: 
[email protected]

I'd love to help.

-Adam Jordan
Founder of TextingPrince