Texting Conversation Film Study:

Prince-iple #2: Mirror Texting


What does Mirror Texting do for you?

Do you ever struggle figuring out what to say? Are you ever nervous that you may be texting her too much or not enough? Do you ever feel like you may get too excited and scare her off?

Let's be honest, who hasn't.

Lucky for us, there's the concept of Mirror Texting. Mirror Texting is the easiest and most straightforward rule of texting. All you have to do is NOTICE how she is texting you. This is a sure fire way on how to get a girl to like you through text. 

When you start to mimic the time, effort, and energy in her texts you will realize how stress-free texting can be.

By Mirror Texting, you are giving her exactly enough space and exactly enough attention based on what SHE wants from you.  This makes sure that you will never over-step your boundaries during the critical stages of an early relationship.

You will never have to worry if you are texting her too much. You will never have to worry if you are acting more interested than she is. With Mirror Texting, you will always feel safe in knowing you are doing the right thing because again... HER texts will reveal all of this information to you. 



When to use Mirror Texting?

Use Mirror Texting for all texting and online messaging in NEW relationships. As the relationship continues to progress, you will understand more and more exactly how to text her on your own.

Mirror Texting works best with women that are hard to read...

  • Is she busy?

  • Does she like me?

  • Does she want to text me?


Any time you have these kinds of thoughts, you need to be using Mirror Texting.


If you ever wonder when you should be using Prince-iple #2, think of the man I asked about on pg. 24 of The Prince-iples of Texting. Ask yourself what he or other men we idolize for their confidence would do in your situation?



How to use Mirror Texting:

To use Mirror Texting you'll need to pay attention to 3 things.


1. Pay attention to the TIME she takes to text you.

What I mean by this is to actually keep track of how long it takes her to respond to your texts, how long it takes her to text you each morning, etc. Phones now days have time stamps on each text message which makes this easy for us.

Follow and NEVER IGNORE the timing rules I lay out on pg. 24 of The Prince-iples of Texting. Mirroring her time usually gets her to respond faster.


2. Pay attention to the effort in her text messages.

In order to read her effort level, I count 2 things within her text messages (pg. 23 of The Prince-iples of Texting). Together, this amounts to the physical effort she is putting into her texts. 

I do the same type of accounting with gifs, memes, emojis, videos, music, and pictures. Usually, if you receive any of these it means that she is putting in effort to find, research, and send you something. You can also tell by the type of gif, meme, emoji, etc. if she is putting in a large amount of effort. If she uses rare emojis, it's a good chance she took extra time to find it and send it, just for you.

With Mirror Texting, you need to either match this effort or give less effort. NEVER give more in a new texting relationship. To make sure you're following this... use the step back perspective of your phone detailed on pg. 25 of The Prince-iples of Texting.



3. Pay attention to her energy in her text messages

To tell how much energy a girl has to text me, I ask myself three questions.

Does she seem enthusiastic while texting me? 

Does she seem to feel neutral about your conversation? 

Does she seem uninterested?

Turn to pg. 28 of The Prince-iples of Texting to know how to answer these 3 questions. Figure out her energy level towards your texting conversation and Mirror it. There are so many power games in dating and texting that she will instantly know when you are more energetic than she is.

As soon as she sees that you are putting in more time, effort, and energy into the text conversation than she does... she's got you hooked. She knows she can have you and you are instantly less attractive to her. 


REMEMBER:  People VALUE what they have to work for... if you make it too easy for her, she won't value you.



Here's what you can do to start, right now:

  • Pay attention to the time she is taking to reply to you and match it. DO NOT send a text faster than she did.

  • Treat your texting conversations like a game of ping pong. She hits the ball over to you and you have to wait for it before you can hit it back (text her back). Then, you cannot hit the ball again (text her again) until she hits it back to you (texts you back)

  • Read her energy level by noticing the time and effort she takes to send her texts. Once you have a good read on her energy, make sure you aren't giving more energy than she is.


I'm excited for you to start using Mirror Texting. It's a super simple concept that can provide a ton of results and success. It makes it tough for a girl to get a proper read on you. This is unusual for her and makes her want to know more and more about you. See pgs. 23, 24, 26, 27 & 30 of The Prince-iples of Texting for real life text examples breaking down how I use Prince-iple #2.

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