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You can't be afraid to call women out

Just like I did here (text training video)


There are situations when texting a woman where the RIGHT move is to NOT respond to her text.


Just like I mentioned in Lesson 2 about Setting a Texting Standard / Rule for yourself (found in Texting Mastery or PrinceFlix VIP), the same idea applies in this conversation.

At 3:22 seconds into the video you can see how me NOT replying to her 1 word text not only got her to send me a second text…

It also helped train her ATTITUDE when texting me.  Remember you are always training people how to treat you.  

She was showing attitude and trying to walk over me - and by me NOT responding to that text, it made her reflect and then text me again in a much better attitude and being a lot nicer to me.


Remember - You are ALWAYS teaching people how to treat you by the attention you give them.  Play it SMART or else you will end up being ‘controlled’ by the women in your life.


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