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Let Women Talk and Text MORE

Stop scaring her off, and instead do THIS


Whether in texting or in person with women - you always want to get HER to talk more and open up more


As humans we all like being ‘heard’ and ‘listened to’ - and women ESPECIALLY love this.


Whether in texting or in person - the more you can get her to talk or to text, the better. 


The more connected she will feel to you. 


The more understood she will feel by you.


SO - anytime you have the opportunity, you want to get her to talk.


You text less and you try to get her to open up and explain things more.


Make sure to watch this video to get more details on HOW to spot opportunities to get her to talk more


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Learn How to Text Women
With Confidence

After dating hundreds of women over the past decade, I have learned some VERY important communication skills that every guy NEEDS to know.

This FREE 3-part video series will teach you the core fundamentals of texting that are crucial in today's digital dating world